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Tokimemo Fukubukuro

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Image of Tokimemo Fukubukuro
  • Image of Tokimemo Fukubukuro

It's not the new year, but it is time for another Fukubukuro!
Fukubukuro are a 'lucky bag' containing random items.
Each Fukubukuro will come with
- Tokimemo "What should I do today" Sticker
- Random Tokimemo/Sentimental Graffiti figurines, keychains, phone charms etc
- Retro-Ko Tokimemo Postcard Print (random choice)
One lucky winner will also receive a NOS copy of Tokimeki Memorial 2 with a pink pocket station!

Other prizes :
Tokimemo Art Book
Tokimemo GBC "Sports-Hen"
Tokimemo Puzzle-Dama
Tokimemo 1 for PS

" The fuku comes from the Japanese saying that "there is fortune in leftovers" (残り物には福がある). "