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About Retro-Ko

Games are meant to be played.

That’s the guiding light of “Retro-Ko.”

Games are an art form, and one that encourages and celebrates audience participation. 

We enjoy retro gaming not because we want to live in the past, but to celebrate the artists who made the future possible. This isn’t a radical notion when thinking about painting, or music, or movies, but we want to bring this mindset to the retro gaming world!

We want to not only preserve and collect, because games are meant to be played.

Right now, although there are more games coming out than ever before, it's getting more and more difficult to discover the “history” that made your favorite games possible. We love Youtube, and Twitch, and we love long plays and the passionate people who bring you videos about gaming. It is important work and it’s important to celebrate everyone who helps nurture and evolve the “retro gaming” culture! But, when we see the game on Youtube, we want you to be able to play it! We want you to plug in a controller, light up a screen, and not just remember what it used to be like -- We want you to be in that moment again and create an all new gaming memory.

This is our philosophy, not to only look backwards, but towards what the future of “retro game” culture will be.  We will always look for under-appreciated or “cheaper” games and systems and prioritize these first. We love Radiant Silvergun. We love Earthbound in the box and we love the digital download “Undertale”!

Retro-Ko loves games, and we want you to love them too.

So let’s play together! New Hi-Concept Game Shop “Retro-Ko” is here!