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What's Retro-Ko?

Retro-Ko is a curated capsule collection, refreshed on a regular basis of retro games, consoles, accessories, and gaming media that we think deserve attention and love. 

We lived this life, just like you, for a long time before we were inspired to start a small shop, celebrating and participating in the retro gaming culture. 

Since we love playing the games, we find the best examples for the systems, make sure they are clean, and try to present them in the best manner possible. 

Since these are essentially vintage goods, occasionally we will sell loose games without the full manual set. This is because we believe games are meant to be played, not just collected, on original hardware with the matching controller in your hand. 

Do you do International Shipping?

We do, but only for custom orders. International shipping can be quite expensive, so if you see something on the shop you'd like (or a custom request) email us or use the contact form and we can work up a quote.

I'm looking for a rare game/system/accessory/toy. Can you find it?

If it was made, we can probably find it. Send us an email at [email protected] and we can start sourcing. 

Why do you mostly sell Japanese games?

Believe it or not, this is what we grew up with. We also had a lot of friends who had too many games cluttering their tiny apartments. Also, we always want to find games and consoles in the best shape we can, to give you that experience of opening the game and reading the manual. We'll have US games from time to time, but import games allow us to make retro gaming more affordable, and spotlight so much culture that was overlooked. Also, being in California, we love to celebrate the hybrid culture we grew up with! If there's a specific game or console you want, we can get it, no matter the region, but give Japanese games a try if you haven't already!

When do you ship?

We ship on Monday and Thursday every week. During the holiday season, especially leading up to the 25th of December, we start shipping every single available day. If you need to rush an order, just send us an email at [email protected] and we can arrange something special.

When do you restock?

We try to continually source consoles and games that we enjoy and that our fans ask for. To help keep things simple, we drop seasonal stock at regular intervals, rather than piecemeal. If you want to know when the next collection is coming up and what to expect, sign up for our mailing list or follow our Twitter.

Items are sold AS-IS.

These are vintage games and accessories, and we test everything before it goes out. Although we don't have a return policy, we are reasonable and can work with you if something's not going how you expected it to! Please email us or use the contact form to let us know what we can do!