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Club MD vol.4 "見ぬが花"

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Image of Club MD vol.4 "見ぬが花"
  • Image of Club MD vol.4 "見ぬが花"

The fourth edition of Retro-Ko Club MD is up for pre order! MDs will ship during the drop on 10.30.
We created this custom minidisc mix with 14 of our favourite tracks from our MD/CD/LP collection. The theme for vol.4 is "Not seeing is a flower" (見ぬが花)
We hope you have a relaxing listening experience, free from screens. 🖤

Tracks are mastered from FLAC/WAVs from actual albums (CD、LPs、TAPES??) via optical TOSLINK to MD on a vintage SONY ES deck with 24 bit widestream DAC.

MD Players will be available during the "always been, but never dreamed" drop on 10.30!